4 Questions Visitors Ask When They Come To Your Website (And How To Answer Them)


Author: Marc Hyde
Published: February 16, 2024
Read Time: 5 Minutes

4 Questions Visitors Ask When They Come To Your Website And How To Answer Them Featured

In today’s digital world, capturing the attention and trust of potential clients when they are on your website is more critical than ever. According to recent studies, you have only 3 seconds to make a solid first impression and 15 seconds to make a lasting impression on your website visitors before they decide to stay or move on. With this limited window of opportunity, you need to address various concerns and questions of the website visitor right away. Of course, we all know that you need to tell people what you do and who you do it for, but I’ve found that there are some foundational questions that most website visitors are asking that if your websites fails to address them, they will go elsewhere, maybe to never return again. 

What are these questions?

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Can you do what I need?
  3. Do you have a proven track record?
  4. How do I get started?

So let’s see what we can do on our website to answer these questions. 

“Can I trust you?”

The world is full of scammers and “get rich quick” schemes, leading people to question everyone and everything. Your job is to help people instantly trust that you are both an ethical and honest company. You accomplish this by:

  • Having a website that is from this century. 
  • Prominently displaying your company’s mission and values. 
  • Showcasing testimonials from other happy clients. 
  • Introducing your staff and leadership team to visitors. 
  • Displaying your accreditations and certifications. 

Sure, every company is completely different, and, as a result, every website is completely different, but if you can’t establish trust between you and the website visitor, they are way more likely to go elsewhere. 

“Can you do what I need?”

This question is the reason why someone visited your website in the first place! If you are a construction company, people want to know what types of construction you do. Do you do concrete? Decks? Handyman projects? Build houses from the ground up? Put on both metal and asphalt shingle roofing or just one or the other? This is what people want to know!

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To help answer this question, your website needs to have (at minimum), a page that breaks down all of your services and offerings. If you want to truly impress people (and build trust at the same time…see point 1), you should have one web page dedicated to each service that you offer. 

Here’s what should be included on each service page:

  • What the service is. 
  • Who the service is for. 
  • Pictures from past jobs that match this service. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions. 
  • Reviews or Testimonials from folks whom you served. 

“Do you have a proven track record?”

This question is answered three different ways:

  1. Case Studies/Recent Projects
  2. Testimonials
  3. Certifications/Credentials

People want to see that you are able to do the work that you claim you are able to do because if they are handing you a lot of money, they want to be sure that the job will be done correctly, the first time!

Testimonials are written proof by other customers that you actually have completed jobs. When you have people’s written testimony (or video testimony), you are no longer saying “hey! I can do a good job!” but instead, people are saying, “hey! They did a great job for me!” This results in people believing that if it’s good enough for someone else, you are good enough for them.

Certifications and credentials, although not necessarily the most important thing in the world, separates you from your competitors and every other person in your industry. For example, if you are a piano teacher offering piano lessons and people see that you went to school for piano theory and have been trained in the art of music, they are more likely to favor you over someone who simply says, “I’m good at the piano, and can teach you, too.”

“How do I get started?”

Let’s be honest, every website has a “contact us” page (or if not, they at least have a way to contact them via an email address, phone number, or contact form), but is this all you really need on your website?

I argue that you need a little something more—you need to tell people EXACTLY what it takes to start a project with you.

Rather than just leave the response open-ended and allow the website visitors to determine how they want to engage with you, you need to tell them how to best engage with you. 

You should lay out the best way to communicate with you, what all is involved in getting a quote or estimate, how they should expect to hear a response from you, and how long they should expect to wait. 

For example, on my “work with me” page, I include the following:

  • A picture of me
  • My website design process
  • A written out “what is the best way to contact me” section
  • The contact form
  • All the other ways that someone can contact me – if they don’t want to use the contact form.

This way, if someone does decide to reach out to me, they aren’t left in the dark in any capacity.


To maximize the potential of your website and convert visitors into customers, it’s essential to address four foundational questions: trust, capabilities, proven track record, and getting started. By tailoring your website to address these concerns, you can instill confidence in your visitors, establish credibility, and ultimately increase your chances of converting them into customers.

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