5 Questions To Ask Your Website To Determine It’s Success


Author: Marc Hyde
Published: May 27, 2024
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5 Questions To Ask Your Website To Determine It's Success

Over the last couple of months, I have been thinking about one thing: What does success look like? 

If you had asked me this question in my 20s, I’d have a completely different answer than I would give you today. And I can bet that my answer will change in another 10 years. Why? Because I’m changing and evolving – both in my thinking and in my understanding of life and what I want out of it — both personally and in my business.

And I can bet the same can be said about your business. 

As your business grows, success will look different! You will have different goals and different plans to reach those goals. And as your business grows, you want to make sure that your website is growing with you.

Now granted, a successful website is completely different based on your industry. If you’re a blog, you want page views. A church wants people to plan their visit. A school may want enrollment information requests. An e-commerce website wants sales. But at the end of the day, a successful website is needed to grow your online presence here in 2024.

So to help you determine if your website is successful, I want you to ask these five questions of your website, and based on how you answer these questions, you will have some ideas as to what you need to do over the next handful of months to get your website pointed in the correct direction:

What metric(s) do you want to use to determine the success of your website?

There are many different website metrics you can use to determine your website’s success. Here’s a few:

  • Contact forms filled out in comparison to how many people visit the website
  • How many people schedule a call/consultation using your scheduling software like Calendly or TidyCal (I personally use TidyCal for my business)
  • Clicks to impression ratio from Google and other search engines
  • Getting your bounce rate lower than 20%
  • Amount of orders received on the website
  • Amount of upsales were made instead of only the initial purchase intention
  • Number of email signups 

Metrics are all relative based on your goals and aspirations for your website, but without knowing how you want to track success, you may never know if your website is actually successful or not!

How many people visit your website in comparison to how many people take an action on your website?

Now this point goes perfectly alongside the point above, but no matter what goals you view as success, you need to make sure you watch actual numbers and percentage of folks who actually take a positive next step on your website. 

Your website is your 24/7 sales person and a good sales person always makes an offer. Does your website make an offer? How many people take a next step after that offer is made?

Even if you chose a different metric that doesn’t involve knowing a percentage of who took some sort of next step up in the first question, you still want to make sure that you are measuring something!

If someone lands on your website, does it give the right first impression of your business?

This is where the question of “do I need a great looking website” comes into play, but rather than answer that question directly, let me paint this picture a different way:

Imagine you’re at a trade show, next to dozens of similar companies. They are also presenting, trying to sell to folks that you are hoping will buy from you. When you’re preparing for that show, you want to get all of your stuff in order:

  • Table displays to stand out
  • Literature and hand outs so people can remember your business
  • Great looking sales men and sales women who are wearing company apparel and look very put together
  • Sales scripts so that your sales people know exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it

It makes complete sense to prepare your team for a trade show because you know that people are coming to you and comparing you against the competition. 

Welp. Guess what? The same is true about your website!

Potential clients are comparing your website to your competitor’s website! Is your website ready to make a great first impression? Is your website accurately reflecting your company’s brand? Is your website saying the right thing in the right way and the right time? If not, you could be losing way more than you realize.

When someone asks you for your website, do you wince And say “I know it doesn’t look great but….” or are you proud to tell people about it?

This is an easy question to answer, but a hard pill to swallow if you answer it honestly. 

I remember when my church was in transition between our worship pastor leaving and finding a new worship pastor. I one time heard another member invite her friend to church, but with the caveat of “our worship is a little rough right now while we’re in transition, but our pastor and church family is great!” 

Now, there wasn’t much I could do in that moment besides knowing that we were in the process of interviewing a new worship pastor (who DEFINITELY was an amazing hire for the church), but here’s the idea.

If you are “ehhhh,” about your website, how often will you send people there without putting in some sort of “we know it’s old but the content is there” excuse? 

Your website is the front door to your business, church, school, or brand. If your website doesn’t have a great first impression, maybe it’s time to get a website refresh!

Does your website offer valuable resources or tools that help establish your organization as a thought leader and industry expert?

When someone is looking to work with your company, they want to make sure that you know what you’re talking about and that you can back up your talk. Curious about how you can establish your authority on your website? Here’s a few different way:

But with this point, I didn’t just say to boost your authority, I said you should offer valuable resources! 

Why should you offer valuable resources?

You should offer valuable resources because it’s the fastest way to get someone contact information in exchange for that resource! In doing such, you are able to take their email address and continue reaching out to them with your service!

You can also offer other resources, like a podcast or YouTube series, to help people understand that you are an industry leader in the field.

For example, if you are a financial advisor and are trying to compete with your competitors, how can you stand out? If you are releasing podcast episodes talking about various topics that are important to your potential client, you are proving to them that you know what you are talking about and that they can trust you! 

Although starting a podcast and YouTube may be out of reach for you, creating an email magnet definitely is not out of reach. Here’s a few articles that will help you think through email marketing and the power it holds to transform your business.

5 Questions To Ask Your Website To Determine It’s Success Pinterest


Using these five questions, you can start to determine if your website is successful or not. 

You’re already online, so why not ensure that your website is working FOR your business, not against. If you would like a website review of your website, I would love to help you out! Fill out the contact form below with your information, and I will love to send you over that review ASAP.

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Recently, I created new tiers for my WordPress Maintenance and Support Plans that include quarterly strategy calls. On these strategy calls, we talk about the success of your website and what we can do to help your website work FOR your business, not against it.

But remember, a website is only as successful as the job description you give it, so make sure you ask these questions of your website and after you ask these questions, give your website a real “job description” so that you can review its performance at a later date.

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