Hi! I'm Marc. 

No, it's not short for Marcus. It's just Marc, but Marc isn't even my first name – that would be Timothy (hence the @tmarchyde handle on my social media accounts).

So yes, I go by my middle name, and it's not even spelled the normal way...thanks, mom.

Marc Hyde Creative and Family
Meet the Hyde family!

What I Do, I Do For You

Growing up, I was always taught "if it's not good enough for you, it's not good enough for someone else." In the last 10 years of my marketing career, I've strived to build the best digital systems for small local businesses, churches, schools, bloggers, and large organizations – all with the intention of helping my clients feel proud and excited about the future.

Custom Wordpress websites are my primary gig, but you would be shocked the amazing systems that you can build out for your brand or business, all on the backend of your website! Whether you need local SE help, updating the digital face of your company or blog, or figuring out how you can turn website visitors into engaged users, I am here to help!

I mean, if you found me, you can bet I can help people find you!

Marc and Elliott
This is my son, the only boy in the family. All he wants for Christmas is a little brother (or 6 so that there's more boys than girls). This year, he's getting his wish!

My Promise to You When You Work With Me

I promise to be personal, ethical, and methodical in all of my business dealings. What that means for you is that if you call me, we may chat for 30 minutes before we "get down to business," and that I will strive to deliver the best product, no matter the budget. Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

In order to make sure that you are served to the fullest, I have created Wordpress Website Maintenance Plans and also offer website hosting. Over the last many years, I've seen so many client's websites get broken and hacked because they were on cheap/unsecured hosting and had their website crash.

Although I'm a one-man shop, I promise to treat you like a friend and serve you as if I were serving myself.

Marc and Family at Notre Dame

Living in South Bend, we love to visit the University of Notre Dame.

The Highlight Real

I'm a proud resident of South Bend, Indiana, but I was born in NW Indiana, about 25 miles outside of Chicago.

I'm married to Beth and between us, we have 7 kids. Beth fostered and was blessed to adopt her 5 girls before we ever met.

Beth and I met because I interviewed her on one of my podcasts. Curious, here's the link to listen: click here to listen.

I was a local church pastor for 6 years where I served as the associate pastor, overseeing the student ministry, guest experience, and media/creative ministries.

I have been in the marketing world since 2010. I started as a junior designer at my university and become the Project Manager of the entire Creative Services Division by the age of 20.

I have a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

BONUS: I watch Madam Secretary while I work ... like every day.

Marc and Family with the van
Meet the family van. It's name is BAVan...because it's a big butt van.

Just call us a modern day Brady Brunch!

Beth and I love our story because it has Jesus written all over it. Our family is made up of 7 kids, all born from 4 different sets of parents, and now, we're a family. We both have learned that there's beauty that can come from brokenness, and we are blessed that this is our story.