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Jesus' last command is our greatest concern. The problem is that most churches position themselves online in such a way that causes potential visitors to instantly discredit the church.

Let's fix that.

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Your Website is Your Front Door. Is it Ready to Be Walked Through?

It's no shocker that people are starting to realize that this world is broken. As Christians, we understand that the answer to the brokenness around us is the Gospel – the Good News of Jesus. When people begin looking for answers, where is the first place that they turn? Most people turn to Google and find a church in their community.

So pastor, let me ask you this: If people in your community start looking for a church in their community, will they be able to find your church online?

If the answer is, "no," that's okay! I'm here to help.

If the answer is "yes," is your website worthy of being viewed by those in your community? A bad website is almost as bad as no website.

A church's website is the front door for seekers. Let's build your church website so that you can make a great first impression.

Curious About the Costs of Having a Bad Website?

Have a great website for your church helps people feel prepared to walk through your doors, but have you ever stopped to think about the opposite? If you only have a "good" website, is that enough? A website may not be the cheapest investment to make, but the cost of having no website or a terrible website can impact your church more than you know. Here's the costs of having a bad website:

Loss of Trust and Credibility

You lose trust and credibility because your website doesn't look like it's from this century. Which can mean that people may be lead to think that your church isn't from this century and cannot speak into their lives today.

Invisibility on Search Engines

If you want to be found on Google, you need to have your church website built to be found – just because you built it doesn't mean they will come. Many DIY church websites don't have great SEO content and pages that are ready to be found.

No Ability To Follow Up

People don't show up to your church until they visit your website. If your website is designed poorly and not ready to help people take a next step, you may never have a chance to follow up with them.

Lost Chance At Making an Impact

Generally, you only get one shot at making a great first impression. It's not worth it to your church's legacy to not show up well in todays digital landscape.

Churches Who Chose to Make an Impact with Their Website

Here's a handful of recently completed Church Website Design and Branding Projects. No matter your church's need, we can build something beautiful and functional, together.

What Are The Key Components of a Great Church Website

Intentional "Plan Your Visit" page to help people feel confident and comfortable to show up on a Sunday.

Well laid out photos to visually tell the story of your church.

An easy to navigate and use sermon media player for both visitors and members.

Designed for both mobile phone users and desktop for perfect viewing - no matter the device.

Perfect ministry pages to help people understand the why, what, and where of each ministry.

Built on non proprietary software so that you aren't building your website on rented land and end up not being able to upgrade in the future.

What is Included in a Church Website Designed by Me?

There are many companies out there that create beautiful church websites, but unlike all the other companies, I design a church website based off of your needs and your needs alone. We go through your church's culture and what you need from a website (including your target demographic) and create a website that helps convert online visitors into in-person guests. Here are just some of the features that can be included in your church's custom website design:

A Teammate; Not a Pixel Pusher

Deep dive into your systems to see if we can't streamline your communication.

Discover of key phrases and verbiage to help tell the church's story.

Testimonials From Other Churches

Church Website Design Sherrie Holt
Marc took my wish list and made it a reality. He not only made our website beautiful but functional. His technical skills make it easy for our team to keep the content current with scheduling and automation features. He is extremely responsive to questions and offers great solutions.

Sherrie Holt

Taylors First Baptist Church
Amber Arguiljo
Marc is amazing to work with. He's got great instincts and insight and is always quick to respond and offer suggestions. Our website grew in traffic and usefulness by leaps and bounds once we started working with him!

Amber Arguijo

Journey Church
Michael Cramer New Life
Marc did a fantastic job taking our concept and constructing an awesome brand for us. Marc's positive attitude makes him a joy to work with and his desire to win for his customer brings a level of confidence to each meeting. He goes above and beyond. I highly recommend him and his work.

Michael Cramer

New Life Church
If you're thinking about working with Marc– do it. Not only is his work incredible, he is easy to work with, has great ideas, and truly cares about the craft of what he does. He's both creative and structured, so you can trust him to meet deadlines and provide helpful feedback in a timely manner. Seriously just take a look at his work and you'll be impressed and he won't let you down on your next project!

Abby Henson

Church Communications
Stefanie Lacava Church Website Design and Development Baptist
Marc did a wonderful job designing our website for our church. He paid extra attention to the details and knows the working of so many different add ons for our new site that made it look very professional and up to date. Working with Marc was incredibly easy. It was almost like he could anticipate what we wanted for our site. He also designed a new logo for us as well as many other stationary items. I would highly recommend Marc for your design needs.

Stefanie LaCava

South Side Baptist Church
Marc Hyde Creative is the best! He has helped us in so many wonderful ways with our church website, offering the most professional service and quick turnaround times. He is a blessing to work with and is always attentive to our needs. He helped us solve some complex issues that we could not have solved otherwise. I would highly recommend his services!

Jeremiah Spencer

First Baptist Church Thomasville
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Free Resources for Your Church

If you have a limited budget or simply love learning, I created Small Church Media for you! Here, you can find free sermon graphics, a free Canva course, and more more!

Out of the website, I also created a podcast to help teach you how to much various forms of media to both reach new people and grow the faith of your own church people.

Visit SmallChurch.Media

Listen to the Small Church Media Podcast

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