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When you're thinking through your new blog design, you want to stand out from the busy crowd. Let's make you a blog that you can be proud to show off because it's a website that is built exclusively for you!
Custom Wordpress Blog

Does This Sound Like You?

Decides to Start a Blog

Follows a YouTube video to set up first Wordpress blog

Gets incredibly confused and frustrated

Finally finish (with or without help) but then realize that your blog looks a little cheap and not professional

You wonder, "is this good enough to make it?"

If this is you, don't worry – you're not alone (fun fact, this was where my wife found herself, too!). Whether you already have a blog set up or need a new one built, you deserve to have a blog that makes you proud to be called a "blogger."

Let's Get You Found and Make You Proud

I don't need to tell you this, but I will anyways. If you have a blog, it needs to be found, and also, it needs to be READY to be found. Sure, you'll be creating Pinterest posts, Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and Facebook posts, but all of that effort may be in vain if you don't have a beautiful blog for people to visit.

So, let's make you a blog that you can be proud to show off!

Many companies and agencies that serve the blogging community build amazing, functional, and simple  blogs, but what I would love to do is build a custom blog website, just for you!

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Meet the Hyde family! Yes, we seriously have 8 kids!

What Type of Bloggers Do I Serve?

Whether you are wanting to start a brand new blog or you already have a blog that just need a refresh, I am here to serve you! I want to see you succeed and in order to do that, I believe that we need to build something that is just for you . . . not a template that was made for the masses.

Blog to Brand

There are many blogs out there, but you don't have JUST a blog – you're a brand. I've been specializing in helping bloggers turn their blogs into full fledge websites so that when people arrive on the blog, they immediately recognize that they are an expert in their niche.

Blog to Brand Client Types I've Served:

Instagram blogger who wanted to have a home for her recipes (and turn them into SEO designed posts, not just instructions), favorite items, storefront and email signup.

YouTuber who wanted a designed that matched her style and personality. Plus, as a blogger, she wanted a place to sell her cookbook.

New Blog Only

All blogs require the same ingredients:

  1. Standard website pages, such as home, about, contact, start here, etc.
  2. Recipe Index and category pages
  3. Individual post page template
  4. Recipe Card or Create Card plugin
  5. Email capture

But your blog needs to reflect your personality!

New Blog Client Types I've Served:

Seasoned blogger who needed a second blog, but she didn't want to build it herself.

New blogger wanted to focus on writing her blog posts, not designing and developing a Wordpress website.

Professional blogger who wanted to consolidate her store, lead pages, and blog into one cohesive experience.

Experience blogger wanted something different than her competitors.

Kind Words From Bloggers I've Served

I hired Marc Hyde Creative to design and engineer my new website last year and it was the best decision ever. I'm now on his maintenance plan and I sleep better at night knowing my website is taken care of by a real professional. Not only was Marc incredibly efficient, knowledgeable, communicative, creative, and flexible, he's also a wonderful person to work with and I really value his work ethic. He helped me build my site from the ground up with every custom feature I wanted (and I didn't go bankrupt in the process)! If you're looking for the best person to help you with similar projects this year, stop your search immediately and just thank me later.

Lisa Childs

Tried, Tested, and True
Laura Tuttle
Marc is incredible to work with! I needed him to build me a website from scratch and he took the reins and created a beautiful, easy to navigate website that I am so proud of! He is so easy to work with, personable and quick to answer questions. I highly recommend his services.

Laura Tuttle

Laura Lives the Good Life
Amber Eggett Custom Wordpress Blog Design
Blown away at how fast and efficient Marc was. He was able to quickly diagnose and fix my website issue. I am so grateful a friend shared his info with me! Would 100% recommend his services and am planning on having him help me in the future!

Amber Eggett

Amber's Kitchen
Sammie Metcalf Wordpress Custom Website Design Blogger
Marc was incredible when I launched my second blog! Not only did he NAIL the design, but he was super fast, didn't complain about me nitpicking every detail, and my site is super fast! Absolutely love his work! Highly recommended!

Sammie Metcalf

Down Redbud Drive
Heather Castillo
As soon as I saw Marc's previous work, I knew I had found the web designer I had been looking for. Once I got on the phone with him to discuss my vision, I knew he was going to knock it out of the park. He's professional, diligent and really put his heart and soul into my website redesign. The entire process from beginning to end was fantastic. He took care of all of my wishes and even added a few things I hadn't even known that I needed (but I absolutely love). If you are looking for someone to re/design your website, contact Marc!

Heather Castillo

The Super Mom Life

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