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When you're thinking through your new blog design, you want to stand out from the busy crowd. Let's make you a blog that you can be proud to show off because it's a website that is built custom, just for you!

Does this sound like you?

Decides to Start a Blog

Follows a YouTube video to set up first Wordpress blog

Gets incredibly confused and frustrated

Finally finish (with or without help) but then realize that your blog looks a little cheap and not professional

You wonder, "is this good enough to make it?"

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If this is you, don't worry – you're not alone (fun fact, this was where my wife found herself, too!). Let me get your blog up to spec so that you can continue to grow your following and maybe make a living with your blog!

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Let's Get You Found and Make You Proud

I don't need to tell you this, but I will anyways. If you have a blog, it needs to be found, and also, it needs to be READY to be found. Sure, you'll be creating Pinterest posts, Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and Facebook posts, but all of that effort may be in vain if you don't have a beautiful blog for people to visit.

So, let's make you a blog that you can be proud to show off!

Many companies and agencies that serve the blogging community build amazing, functional blogs, but what I would love to do is build a custom blog website, just for you!

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Welcome to the studio!

Here's a Peak Into the Process

Obviously, things change, but as a whole, here's a peak into the process of getting your blog up and running:

Phone/video chat strategy session to figure out your desired feel and vibe for your new blog and this call helps us get on the same page.

Creation of a mood board (or a mood list) including colors, images, textures, and font styles that are wanted in the design (compiled by both you and myself). Yes, you can even send me a Pinterest board!

If you need a logo created first, we'll start there. If not, let's move on.

Creation of initial mock-up of home page and about page for your approval and revisioning. This is done in Adobe XD and sent to you as an image.

I then set up your Wordpress website and build out your new website! All you need to do is have a handful of blog posts ready to go so that I can use those to fill in the content as I build.

Then we party like it's 1999! I mean, I was like 7, but who cares!

Virtual Church Designer Assistant Image 1
Meet the Hyde family! Yes, we seriously have 7 kids... I'm tired, but my heart is full :')

The Scoop

Whether you are wanting to start a brand new blog or you already have a blog that just need a refresh, I am here to serve you! I want to see you succeed and in order to do that, I believe that we need to build something that is just for you . . . not a template that was made for the masses.

Average Investment: $3,000 - 6,000*

Services for Bloggers

New Blog Only:

Standard Pages included: Home, about, contact, custom post layouts, and custom category layouts. You can also have pages such as "Work with Me" or "Media Kit."

Custom tailored design based on your needs

Proven email capture plug-in that allows for in line, slide in, and pop-ups to grow your email list. The plug-in connects with most email service platforms.

Password protected pages where people have to sign-up for your email newsletter to get the password.

Ability to add an e-commerce section of the website as you grow. *If you'd like an e-commerce portion of the website, that's an additional cost.

New Blog & Branding Package:

A newly designed blog for you

Primary and secondary logo for your brand

Basic brand style guide that includes logos, colors, and fonts (you know, so that your VAs are ready to rock 'n roll)

Other deliverables are extra, including business cards, thank you cards, packaging slips, etc.

Blog Refresh:

Already have a blog that is thriving, but you're ready to give it a custom design? Sweet! I have a slightly different approach when it comes to launching your new blog design and layout so that you can get your shiny new custom design WITHOUT losing your current stats (you're welcome).

We'll walk through the launch day during the initial call (because it will change based on your needs), but you can trust that it will all goes smoothly!

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What People Are Saying

Everyone loves the site and how easy it is to navigate. I'm ranking for several keywords already with just the few posts I have.
Ashley Thompson, Comfort Cooks
Marc was wonderful to work with! He created a web design for my existing site. He took it from boring to beautiful! He also kept SEO and user experience in mind when designing the site. Highly recommend!
Kelley Grant, Easy Instant Pot Dinners
Marc was incredible when I launched my second blog! Not only did he NAIL the design, but he was super fast, didn't complain about me nitpicking every detail, and my site is super fast! Absolutely love his work! Highly recommended!
Sammie Brakebill, DIY Gifts Ideas
Marc did such a great job with my new website! I am so thankful to have a fresh new build to help bring in new clients. I love the look and the design!
Jess Lee, Jess Lee Writes

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