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12 Oaks Baptist Church Logo

12 Oaks Baptist Church Featured Image

12 Oaks Baptist Church, located in Paducah, KY, came to me with the need of rebranding their church. The old logo, although perfectly matching the name, needed to be retired. The goal of the new logo/brand was to look timeless, unique, and true to the name of 12 Oaks. This logo is also a part of the new website that will be rolling out for the church soon!

12 Oaks Before and After

Project Details:

One of the goals of this project was to create a “branded house.” As a part of the entire project, we matched the primary logo icon with the appropriate name for each ministry.

Rather than focus on colors for this logo, we decided to roll with a straight black or white logo so that the church isn’t trapped into a color palette. But rather, the logo will be able to be used on any surface.

12 Oaks Logos Side by Side
12 Oaks Brand Sheet Front
12 Oaks Brand Sheet Back

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