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12 Oaks Baptist Church WordPress Website

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In 2022, I launched the new logo for 12 Oaks Baptist Church, and this year, we launched the new website! 12 Oaks is a historic church in Paducah, KY that has an amazing focus on pouring into the community. The church’s old website was powered by their old Church Management Software, and they were in need of a brand new build!

12 Oaks Baptist Church Recent Project 2

Project Requests

The goal of this website was “simple is better.” Rather than having a complicated website, 12 Oaks wanted a website that spoke to website visitors in a way where they would quickly feel comfortable stepping to the church building on a Sunday, Wednesday, or Special Event day.

Project Strategy

I took a direct approach to ensure that the website was simple and effective:

  • On the homepage, we speak directly to the visitors to answer these two questions: “What is 12 Oaks about?” and “What should I expect if I do visit?”
  • I created a custom, but simple, even calendar that allows 12 Oaks to showcase their primary events without being barred down on the backend with thousands of options.
  • For each ministry page, we include three categories: the ministry’s purpose, weekly rhythms, and special events (including a calendar).
  • All contact forms are powered through 12 Oaks’ new Church Management Software so that all messages and requests are stored in the same place as every other piece of communication in the church. This way, a message will never be missed.

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