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2021 Church Sermon Graphics Round-Up

2021 Sermon Graphics Featured Image

Over the past year, I was able to create many sermon graphics for a few churches. Each sermon graphic was custom made for each sermon series, and the full sermon graphic package includes a main graphic, social media square, secondary graphic for screen, and sometimes bulletin prints.

Purpose of a Sermon Graphic

If you aren’t familiar with sermon graphics, church sermon graphics are visual graphics that is designed to visually encapsulate a group of individual sermons. These graphics help church members/parishioners visually remember the sermons and mentally connect what is taught with what is seen on the screen.

Churches I Designed For in 2021

South Side Baptist Church: South Bend, Indiana

Grace Story Church: Nashville, Tennessee

Oak Tree Community Church: South Bend, Indiana

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I have another website where I manage most of my church work. You can learn about my church services over at

2021 Church Sermon Graphics

Other Sermon Graphics

Click here to view other church sermon graphics that I have created.

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