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Over the years, Rebecca has grown from being a (her words) “bored tax-widow with a blog” to owning one of the top recipe blogs out there! This past year, Rebecca decided that it was time to create a second blog so that she can better serve busy families that are struggling to provide great meals for their kids. In order to create her second blog, she reached out to me to create a blog for her that visually separates the two blogs, without sacrificing performance.

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Project Details:

When Rebecca came to me, she came to me with the simple request of “let’s make it look different than the standard Genesis Framework blog website.” What this means is that when a user lands on a post page, they can already tell that this is different than the standard food blogger’s website.

In order to serve busy families, Rebecca had the vision of a “weekly planner” on her website. This way, someone could land on the website and in just a few minutes, already had a plan for 6 weekly dinners (because Saturday is a great excuse for a leftover night).

Design Features

In order to set Rebecca’s website apart from both her other blog and others on the web, we implemented these strategic design features:

  • A massive and obtrusive search bar at the top of every page
  • On the mobile menu (seeing as most of her audience visits on their phone), we help people decide what type of recipe they are looking for based on their needs.
  • On the recipe index page, rather than just showing every single post, visitors are met with popular categories, a search bar, and quick click search options
  • To help stop fast scrolling, we created two customized blocks so that Rebecca can give quick tips, variations, or advice inside of the post that stands out from the rest of the page.
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What Rebecca Had To Say:

“Marc was wonderful to work with. He built my new site from the ground up and never hesitated when I asked for specific customizations or features. He’s easygoing, communicative, and professional. I would recommend Marc to anyone looking for a site design that puts user experience and speed first without sacrificing appearance and creativity.”

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