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Comfort Cooks Food Blog • Custom Website Design + Build

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Project Details

Project Overview: Comfort Cooks is a start-up food blog that focuses on providing amazing, home-cooked meal recipes that the author, Ashley, creates for her own family. This website is designed to be clean and efficient for website visitors and simple to update for the author.

Project Requests:

  • Create a website that is more serious in nature than other bright colored food blogs.
  • Create a website that auto populates image categories across the homepage so that the website remains fresh.
  • Create a way to have static, evergreen posts in various categories

Project Strategy & Results:

  • For the website, we focused on using a cool, calming blue with using Comfort Cooks branding green to signify links and buttons.
  • Create a “Start Here” page. Many blogs don’t have this page on their website, but this webpage lets the author put specific posts and tutorials on this page so that people who are new to cooking or not sure where to start can receive appropriate content.
  • Create a custom category menu with icons to help website visitors find recipes faster and in a unique way.

View Live Website:

Project Screenshots

Comfort Cooks Hero Image
Comfort Cooks Hero Section
Comfort Cooks Homepage
Comfort Cooks About Page
“Start Here” Page

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