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DIY Gifts Ideas • Custom Website Design + Build

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Project Details

Project Overview: DIY Gifts Ideas is the second blog from the mind of Sammie Brakebill of Down Redbud Drive. Down Redbud Drive is a successful and profitable blog, and Sammie approached me to make her a second website that would focus solely on her DIY Gifts Ideas. The goal was to create a new website that had the same familiarity as Down Redbud Drive while having it’s own personality and flair.

Project Requests:

  • Create a website that is designed around mobile first, desktop second.
  • Create a website that all the author has to do is create a new blog post and it updates everywhere across the website in terms of category and style.
  • Integrate author’s email marketing system into the website to collect emails and get more signups (without popups).
  • Plan ahead so that when sponsorship opportunities are available, they can be easily added to the website.
  • Create a password protection section of the website for members only to download printable PDF’s of the projects.

Project Strategy & Results:

  • For the website, we focused on creating a clean, white website so the color pops off the screen.
  • On the homepage:
    • We created three main “quick” categories for people to quickly access.
    • In order to get more signups, we put the email capture right in view as you begin scrolling the website.
    • The middle of the homepage features the 12 most recent posts.
    • The end of the website, has a “most popular posts” section so that people can see what’s trending.
  • When a new post is created, the author simply has to click which category the post belongs. Once that happens, it get’s categorized and fills the corresponding sections dynamically so that the author never has to touch the actual website.

View Live Website:

Project Screenshots

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Website Hero Image
DIY Gifts Ideas Full Website Design
Full Website Homepage

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