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Easy Instant Pot Dinners Food Blog • Custom Website Design + Build

easy instant pot dinner website cover

Project Details

Project Overview: Easy Instant Pot Dinners already boasts itself in being a revenue-generating website, but the author and creator of this blog, Kelley, approached me to give it a fresh new look.

Project Requests:

  • Create a website has familiar navigation and page layout while having a strong, old look
  • Create a website with a different “hero” section than the average food blog
  • Create a website that does not look like a cheap template
  • Create an easy way for people to sign up for recipes

Project Strategy:

  • For the website, rather than feature top recipes or certain categories, I created a block that shows only the most recent recipe in a way where the image takes up a large portion of the screen on desktop and the entire screen on mobile.
  • For the fonts, I chose to go with a strong and confident sans serif (that isn’t a stereotypical font) for the heading and paired it with a light and crisp font for the body. This creates an easy mental shift for the reader and helps recipe readers find what they need in the recipe more quickly.
  • To help with navigation, I broke up the website’s navigation into “Recipes” and “Learn” rather than a list of posts.

View Live Website:

Project Screenshots

Easy Instant Pot Dinners Hero Section Desktop
Website Hero Section
Easy Instant Pot Dinners Mobile
Website Mobile View
Easy Instant Pot Website Category Page
Website Category Page
Easy Instant Pot Website Home

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