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Project Details

Project Overview: Hoosier State Training is owned by Dan Burch and seeks to train everyone about how to properly use a firearm in order to protect and defend. Whether the person seeking firearm training is a complete beginner or SWAT trained, Dan Burch is trained and certified to help that individual evolve in their firearm and tactical abilities. The new website needed to convey this thought as well as gather leads from schools, churches, and business who need to train their people to protect those in their care.

Project Requests:

  • Create a website that appeals to both beginners and experts seeking firearm training.
  • Quick tell people what makes Hoosier State Training different than all other firearm training companies and facilities in the South Bend and Northern Indiana region.
  • Help people figure out what type of firearm training that they need.
  • Provide a list of all classes that Hoosier State Training Offers.
  • Provide a list of upcoming training events and courses.
  • Provide an easy, unobtrusive way for people to sign up to receive notifications of when new classes are added to the calendar.

Project Strategy & Results:

  • For the website, we focused on two things: images of people who are training with Hoosier State Training and provide people will all the information that they need without having to view multiple pages.
  • On the homepage, we take a visitor on a journey with answering basic questions that both first time and advanced shooters have of any firearm training company:
    • Who are you and why should I trust you to train me?
    • What makes you different from everyone else?
    • What types of training do you offer? Is it only for individuals or do you train groups, too?
    • Can I trust that you know what you’re talking about?
  • To help get people to the new website from Facebook, we decided to run a giveaway. This giveaway is powered by a pop up that allows Hoosier State Training to both collect entries while also adding to their email list.

View Live Website:

Project Screenshots

Website Hero Section
Website “What Type of Training Do You Need” Section with flip cards
Hoosier State Training Website Details
Website “What You Can Expect” Section
Hoosier State Training Website Homepage Popup
Giveaway Pop Up
Hoosier State Training Website Home Page
Hoosier State Training Website Training Page

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