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Project Details:

Project Overview:

I was approached by Liz Latham of Hoosier Homemade to create a new logo and brand for a new passion project blog called How to Cooking Basics. Liz has spent nearly 20 years in the kitchen, both as a mom and professional blogger, and she desires to take all her knowledge and put it in one location. First things first, she needed a logo!

Project Requests:

  • Coloring needed to match much of the products and scenery of their farmhouse, which is where most photos and videos will be shot and recorded.
  • Logo needs to feel familiar on first look to those who cook.

Project Strategy:

  • I created two full logos with a logo badge to match in order to be used in different contexts.
  • The full logos uses a soft serif font to bring in a classic feel and the swooshes and flair brings in a modern edge. The goal with the full logo is to provide a home and kitchen magazine vibe.
  • The badge is designed to be used when the full logo isn’t ideal, such as social media, watermarks, and stickers.
  • In order to lean into the idea of cooking and baking, I created an icon using two familiar kitchen objects and use this icon on both the full logo and the badge.

Logo Images:

How to Cooking Basics Logo Palette
How to Cooking Basics Brand Sheet

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