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Journey Church Texas • Custom Church Website

Journey Church Custom Church Website Featured Image

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Project Overview

Journey Church Texas reached out to me to develop a new, custom build website for their church. The demographic for the church is young urban professionals with families, and in order to reach this demographic, they needed a website that was clean, modern, and had a familiar mobile app experience.

Project Strategy

  • Have a mobile menu that is on the bottom of the screen to provide an app like feel on the website
  • Design the website with a “mobile first” experience on each website by having a “card” website design where each section is encapsulated inside a block
  • Focus on round corners and bright blue to keep the viewing experience pleasant
  • Use as many images as possible inside of the website
  • Create a way for the staff to quickly put in new and upcoming events for their church family

Project Screenshots

Journey Church Texas Mobile Custom Church Website
Custom Mobile Menu Design for Website
Journey Church Texas Home Page Custom Church Website
Church Home Page
Journey Church Texas Next Step Page Custom Church Website
“Visit Our Church” Page with Easy, Actionable Steps
Journey Church Texas Next Step Page Custom Church Website
“Next Steps” Page featuring Easy, Actionable Steps for Visitors

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