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Project Details:

Stephen, the owner and founder of Magitek, contacted me to build them a new website that is able to visually represent the quality of product they create for powered wheelchairs. Magitek creates non joystick controllers for complex powered wheelchairs so that people who suffer from ALS, CP, and various degenerative conditions be able to use their powered wheelchairs, no matter the situation. With their technology, they are able to help people find freedom to enjoy life on their own once again.

Magitek first hired someone else to design their website, but the website looked like it came straight out of the early 2000s. They hired me to fix that.

Project Requests:

  • Magitek is both a B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) company. They work with organizations and medical professionals to find solutions for their patients and clients. They also work with individuals who are looking for solutions on their own! We needed to create a website that serves both groups.
  • Magitek requested that we feature images of their technology throughout the website.

Project Strategy:

  • Magitek did not have colors outside of a black logo. We decided to create a color palette based off the color blue because blue is often associated with stability and reliability, which is what users can expect with using Magitek’s technology.
  • I wanted to focus on two facts: the heart behind the company and the technology that helps people are who wheelchair bound. When you talk with the Magitek team, you can instantly tell that they are in this business to help people and that’s where they find their joy!
  • We decided to keep the website as simple and lean as we could! That way, when people read through the website, they quickly trust that Magitek can solve their powered wheelchair problems, and as a result, contact the company.

Project Screenshots:

Magitek Mobile
Magitek Website Home Page
Magitek Home Page
Magitek Website Home Page
Magitek Technology Page

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