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Making Frugal Fun with Shannon Cairns • Custom WordPress Blog Design

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Project Overview

Shannon Cairns lives to help people live a frugal life, all without feeling like you stop living. During her journey of paying off over HALF A MILLION dollars, she began blogging and documenting her process and systems, and people started to tune in and read about just how she does it! Shannon had been using the same blog theme and flow since she first started her blog many years ago, and she turned to me to help her rebrand her website and online presence.

Project Strategy

  • Create a new tagline for the blog – we settled on “Living on a budget doesn’t have to suck.”
  • Shannon wanted to rebrand herself as not just a person with a blog but as an influencer who lives the lifestyle she preaches. We focused on focusing on images of her and her products and leaning into her story and journey wherever possible.
  • Shannon already had a working color palette – we just needed to make it look fun and inviting on the website!
  • When someone first starts off on the “frugal lifestyle,” they often have no idea where to begin. We solved that problem for website visitors by creating a “Start Here” page where we show people Shannon’s best YouTube videos, blog posts, and TikTok videos to get started.
  • Shannon has a growing YouTube channel, and we needed a way to feature her YouTube videos. The problem with YouTube videos is that YouTube takes an eternity to load. We found a way to have her YouTube video posted on the home page of the website, without slowing down the website too much!
  • Since the brand is growing quickly, Shannon needed a way for brands to see her media kit without looking for it. We settled with a page called “Work with Me” and built that page around her story.
  • Shannon uses many plugins to turn her website into a profit driving work-horse. We needed a way to handle all of the plug-ins and code that her website was producing, and speed it all up. With a few tricks and a lot of elbow grease, we did just that!

Project Screenshots

Making Frugal Fun Before and After
Making Frugal Fun Website Mobile View and Mobile Menu

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