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Month 2 Month Stay Website Strategy and Custom Build

Month 2 Month Stay Custom Website Design Layout

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Amy Kendall is the queen of property management and needed a website build for a new rental property company. Over the years, she has worked in multiple companies and created a rental property enterprise using AirBnB to handle her rentals. Seeing that AirBnB doesn’t serve her monthly, short-term renters, she needed a website to showcase her rental properties and a strategy to make sure that the website build become future proof.

Month 2 Month Custom Website Featured

The Problem:

Amy hired a website designer off of Fiverr to create a website for her new company. This designer used a basic WordPress theme, but the theme didn’t serve her new company’s needs and vision. The website ended up being slow, completely unusable, and aesthetically boring.

The Solution:

Amy came to me based off a reference. Before we talked about the website build itself, we talked about the mission and vision of the company and how this websites served this higher purpose. We created multiple solutions and landed on creating a custom website that does the following:

  • Is able to take reservations and receive payments directly on the website.
  • Two way calendar syncing capabilities so that if someone books on AirBnB, the rental property becomes unavailable on the website and vice versa.
  • Quickly create new property listings on the website.
  • Easily managed by Amy and her team.

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