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My Air Fryer Kitchen Custom Blog

My Air Fryer Kitchen Desktop 1-2

Air Fryers are the most popular kitchen gadget (and for good reason!). Because of the popularity of these gadget, more and more people are searching for the person air fryer recipe to try and repeat. Two highly experienced, seasoned bloggers reached out to make to make them a top-down custom WordPress blog for their new brand.

My Air Fryer Kitchen Mobile Views-2

Project Details:

Most blogs have the standard pieces to them. Here’s how we made this blog special:

  • Custom menu for quick navigation and email subscription sign up.
  • Blog page drops the default WordPress Recipe Maker “jump to recipe” and “view comments” for our own buttons.
  • Different headers based on if your on the homepage or the post page.
  • Handling of code to speed up the website from the advertisements that are on the website.
  • List have the ability to be 3 different icons/colors.
  • Laid out our own design for the WordPress Recipe Maker recipe card.
  • Created our own store front page that is populated on the bank end and then links out the Amazon product. Amazon product link is an affiliate link.
My Air Fryer Kitchen Desktop 2-2

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