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Pursuit Platforms Pre-Launch Website

Pursuit Platforms Website Featured Image

Project Details

Project Overview: Pursuit Platforms is a start-up company based out of Duluth, MN, and they are creating a new type of platform for the saddle hunting community. Their platform is currently in pre-production, but they needed a one page landing website to collect emails and create hype around this new platform.

Project Requests:

  • A one page website that featured the product, basic information and FAQ, and native social media feed
  • A simple way to capture emails and have those email sync with MailChimp
  • A one page website that had the ability to quickly transform into a full scale e-commerce website after product launch, while staying on the same hosting plan

View Live Website:

Project Screenshots

Pursuit Platforms Website Hero Section
Website Hero Section, with email capture slide in
Pursuit Platforms Website Final Mockup
Full Website Screenshot

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