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Real Talk Christian Podcast Custom Build Website

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Project Details

Project Overview: Real Talk Christian Podcast is a podcast that airs their content both over usual podcast channels and YouTube. They wanted a website that allowed listeners to quickly find information about the podcast, contact the hosts, and find the specific podcast that they need in their life right now.

Project Requests:

  • Create a podcast database where a new post is automatically created once a new episode is released so that the hosts did not need to create a new episode post in the website every week
  • Create an easy way for people to find help to certain questions or a part of their faith
  • Feature guests who have been on the show
  • Keep normal blog post “post type” in tact in case there’s future development

Project Strategy & Results:

  • Created a custom website where every time a new episode is released, a new blog post is created for that episode. On each blog post, you can find the featured imaged, audio player, notes, and links to subscribe to the show. When there’s a new episode, the home page, listen page, and view all episode pages were dynamically filled in so that the website is always up to date.
  • In order to have an episode be a blog post but still have future blog post capabilities, a new post type had to be created. This was accomplished so there are now two different post types.

View Live Website:

Project Screenshots

Real Talk Christian Website Design Hero Image
Website’s Hero Image
Real Talk Christian Website Design Full Page
Website’s Entire Home Page

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