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Savings and Sand with Aubree Berry Logo

Savings and Sand Featured Image

Project Details:

Project Overview:

Aubree Berry is a blogger and traveller and wanted to bring her knowledge of finding deals, coupons, and savings hacks to the general public. We are working together on making her blog goals a reality, and the first step is creating a visual identity (logo) for her new brand!

Project Requests:

  • Colors need to be “beachy”
  • Logo needs to look and feel like a travel blog that is fun and professional

Project Strategy & Gameplan:

  • I created two different looks for the logo before going back to the drawing board on fonts and colors
  • The final logo included a custom plane icon that creates the idea of “on your way to vacation”

Original Concepts:

Savings and Sand Logo Concepts

Finalized Logo

Savings and Sands Square Logo White
Savings and Sands Square Logo Color
Savings and Sands Icon Logo Color
Savings and Sands Icon Logo White
Savings and Sand Brand Sheet

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