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Sweet Tea & Sprinkles • Custom Website Design + Build

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Project Details

Project Overview: The owners and minds behind Sweet Tea & Sprinkles are professional food blog authors and food photographers and were ready to start making content for themselves! They’ve been in the game a long time and have an amazing following, so we decided to team up and make not only a well-functioning blog but also a fun website to view!

Project Requests:

  • Speed was the number #1 request. The website had to score well in all of Google’s speed tests.
  • Since the authors are food photographers, we wanted as many pictures as we could on the homepage of the website.
  • The website needed to be full of color and fun elements.

Project Strategy:

  • In order to have the website reach top speeds, we utilized WP Rocket to handle the CSS and Javascript & Imagify to correctly compress the images without losing ANY quality or clarity.
  • We went for a more “polaroid look” with all images so that we can use color to frame out images and help those images stand off the homepage.
  • To keep sections from being simple color, we decided to use textures and patterns. However, I needed to keep the page speed up, so rather than use images to make the patterns, we used custom CSS in order to create the patterns that were wanted.
  • Each section of the website needed to feature certain recipes. I used the categories and custom callings in order to fill out the sections with the correct recipes.
  • In order to keep people bouncing between recipes, we added a “Most Popular” section on the sidebar of each recipe page.

View Live Website:

Project Screenshots

Sweet Tea and Sprinkles Desktop Score
Google Desktop Speed Rating
Sweet Tea and Sprinkles Mobile Score
Google Mobile Speed Rating
Sweet Tea and Sprinkles Hero
Website On Page Load
sweet tea and sprinkles mobile
Website Mobile View
Sweet Tea and Sprinkles Home Page
Full Website Homepage
Sweet Tea and Sprinkles Blog Page
Website Recipe Post

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