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Taylors First Baptist Church Custom Website

Taylors First Baptist Church Mockup 1

Taylors First Baptist Church, located in Taylors, South Carolina, decided to leave their former marketing company relationship, which resulted in the need for a new website. Taylors, as a ministry, has many programs and moving pieces and needed a website that served the church, their outreach programs, the Pre-Academy, and the Rec Center.

This project was done in partnership with D373.

Taylors First Baptist Church Website Mockups

Project Details:

Taylors’ website, although seemingly simple on the friend, has an entire plug-and-play ecosystem built out perfectly for someone who is familiar with WordPress. When you break down Taylors, you actually see 5 different areas that all need to be featured, both as as a unit, but also as individual entities:

  1. Worship & Discipleship Ministries
  2. Church planting & continued partnership
  3. Love Taylors (the engine that fuels community events and humanitarian efforts)
  4. Pre-Academy (Pre-school and Kindergarten)
  5. Taylors Rec

Here’s what we were able to accomplish on the website:

  • Integration with their church management software for all events, calendar, information and registration, and payment processing. Once it updates in the management software, the website updates accordingly. This includes the calendar for the church and the Rec center.
  • Sermon Media player that is not only simple to add/manage sermons and watch sermons but is also searchable on the website
  • Custom permissions and “fill in the blanks” for key ministry pages that get updated by non communication staff members every week
  • Fill in the blank event management for all mission trips and Love Taylors events
  • Custom blog settings that have been renamed from “blogs” to “Voice of Taylors” to include ministry updates, highlights, devotionals, and whatever other resources the church wants to send out
  • A guided journey on the website. On all “About” and “Get Connected” pages, there are quick links to help you get to another part of the website that you may find interesting based on the page that you are currently viewing
  • A announcement bar that features an automatic “unpublished” feature so that announcements can be set and turn off automatically at the designated time and date. The same integration was added to the “Upcoming Announcement” section on the homepage
Taylors Student Ministry Full Page Design

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