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Tried, Tested, and True with Lisa Childs

Lisa Childs Tried Tested and True Custom Wordpress Blog Featured Image

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As a blogger, YouTuber, and social media content creator, Lisa Childs serves her audience by creating recipes and reviewing popular kitchen appliance, house-hold tools, and accessories. Since 2016, Lisa’s brand, Tried Tested & True, has established itself as an authority, but it was time for it to have a website to match!

Lisa Childs Tried Tested and True Custom WordPress Blog Featured Image

Project Details:

In the previous two designs, Tried Tested & True digital home (the website/blog) focused around Lisa’s blog posts, but with this design, Lisa desired to created a home for her entire brand, while still being the home for her blog. In order to accomplish this goal, we completed three primary tasks:

  • Set Lisa apart as an industry leader in the blogging and content creator platform by making her website the hub for the brand, not just a blog.
  • Create a blog page that looks and feels different than the standard blog post.
  • Create easy avenues to search and interact with the website.
Lisa Childs Tried Tested and True Custom WordPress Blog 2

Design Features

In order to set Lisa’s brand apart, we implemented these design features:

  • Desktop and Mobile have two very different means of navigation; however, the mobile flyout menu is able to be used on Desktop
  • On mobile, there is a search bar that remains visible on all pages, inviting users to search, rather than user having to look for where to search
  • We reworked the entire hierarchy structure of the website so that the menu items were simple and easy to understand and operate
  • Although mobile is the primary viewing method of blogs, we wanted the desktop view to be just as powerful so that when brands and businesses view the Tried Tested & True website, they were given a great experience

What Lisa Had To Say:

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