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Vision 2021 Branding Package Design

Vision 2021 Featured Image

Project Details: South Side Baptist Church needed a complete branding package for their upcoming yearly vision called “God’s Not Done.” This project needed a logo, design feel, and banner print.

Location: South Bend, IN

Logo/Emblem for Vision 2021

Vision 2021 Graphic Design South Bend

Primary Color Palette

Vision 2021 Color Palette South Bend

Fonts Used

Juniper Std: This font is a playful “hippie font” and was used in the the MMXXI portion of the graphic

CMG Sans: Designed for screens and display. Both the standard and wide versions were used in the rest of the design

Graphics and Displays

Vision 2021 Mood Board
Design Mockup for Approval on Logo
Vision 2021 Banner Mockup South Bend
Banner Designs that are to be used around campus
Vision 2021 Main Graphic South Bend
Final Sermon & Branding Graphic
Vision 2021 Screen Graphic South Bend
Secondary screen to be used for notes on screen during sermon
Vision 2021 Facebook Cover South Bend
Facebook Cover for church’s Facebook page

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