Remote Graphic & Digital Designer for Churches

Rather than spending thousands of dollars to hire your own staff designer or pay the high price tags for one-off design services, why not have an all in one package that your church can afford? Hire your own remote designer!

A Different Way to Hire a Designer

Rather than pay a fortune to hire your own staff designer or an agency (or trust your design abilities to an administration assistant), why not hire a designer to design anything and everything that your church needs?

Many churches hire administration assistants to help the church manage tasks such as organizational management, communication, and other jobs that the pastor needs done, so why not do the same with your print, digital, and graphic design work?

Let me introduce you to a new way of taking your church to the next level graphically . . . all without breaking the bank! Hire me as your Remote Graphic & Digital Designer.

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Typical Cost of Design Services

Curious about how much you can pay if you hire each service out individually? Here are real rates that I have charged over the years as a designer:

Full Time Designer: $40,000 - 65,000

New Website: $1,500 - 4,000

New Logo: $300 - 500

Individual Sermon Graphic: $150 - 300

Social Media Management: $200 - 300 per month

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The Scoop

Churches don't always have large budgets, and I want to come alongside smaller churches in order to help them reach more people and step into the 21st century with their design work.

Rather than pay high price tags, hire me to be on your church staff as a remote designer. For one rate, you have access to my skills (and knowledge) in all of these areas:

New Website Design & Management

Sermon Graphics

Ministry Logos

Booklets and Resource Layout

Pop up and Hanging Banner Design

Social Media Posts

Flyers and Handouts

Bulletin Designs and Layout

Power Point Design and Layout

Merchandise Design

Your Investment to Hire Me:

$550 per month

For $550 per month, you have access to use me in any way, up to 20 hours per month. You can use me to create a logo, build a website, and anything else that is related to digital and graphic design! This way, you pay one price and get everything that you need! If you need more hours per month that the allotted 20 hours, you can add blocks in $30 per hour increments.

By bringing me onto your church staff team, you can both free up your administration assistant and bring your church's design to a whole new level, all at a fraction of the cost to bring on an in person team member.

Nervous about this price tag and not knowing what type of work you'll receive? You can do a free trial!

Try Before You Hire Me


$550 per month is a HUGE investment for many churches, and to make sure that you are happy with your investment, you get a free trail before you have to officially make the sign up!

To try out my services, pick two of the below services:

  • 1 Sermon Graphic (includes title slide and blank slide for powerpoint screens)
  • 1 Announcements Slides for showing pre or post-service on the screen (can also be used as a social media post)
  • 1 Business Card Design for personal use or church invite use (2 sided)
  • 1 Connect Card Design
  • 4 Social Media Posts including graphic and caption (can be used how you decide in terms of how and when you post them)

Ready to get started? Click the button below!

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