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Looking for a Full-Service Website Design & SEO Solution For Your Business?

Are you a business, church, school, or brand that needs a website? You probably already know you NEED a website, but do you know where to start? I have a solution for you! Marc Hyde Creative. I am a website designer that offers a website design & SEO done for you solution.

Tired of paying those ridiculous prices? Did you know you can get web design completed without the agency cost? Right here in the South Bend and Michiana area! So, if you’ve been longing for a new website and just didn’t know where to get started, Marc Hyde Creative is the perfect place to get started.

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Get Full Web Design Without The Agency Cost – Right Here In South Bend & Michiana

Long story short, your business, brand, church, school, etc. needs a website . . . but you probably know this already. The challenge you now face is figuring out who you are going to work with when it's time to build out your website.

There are many web designers and web developers out there, but what should you look for in a web designer here in South Bend?

Proven track record of launching multiple websites.

Great reviews from clients who love their new web design!

Continued relationship with clients to grow and manage the website.

Trusted by both agencies and businesses to manage their website builds.

Backed by the Better Business Bureau.

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Since 2011, I have worked for many marketing departments and non-for-profits including universities, churches, & marketing companies. If they can trust me, you can be sure that you can trust me, too!

Why SEO in Web Design?

You can have a website completed, but without the proper Search Engine Optimization, no one will find your website. I’m able to build your website with SEO in mind, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about. What’s included in SEO when website design is completed?

Increased ranking on search engines.

Increased visibility.

Increased organic traffic.

Clean and easy-to-naviate website.

Proper website speed and performance.

Optimized for mobile platforms and devices.

Check Out These Satisfied Customer Testimonials from Marc Hyde Creative Customers!

You can’t hire a web designer without checking out their work, right? Check out what work I’ve done and what these clients have had to say about it! I am proud to show off the work that I’ve done for these amazing clients and I love to hear what they have to say about it!
Laura ChildsTried, Tested, and True
I hired Marc Hyde Creative to design and engineer my new website last year and it was the best decision ever. I'm now on his maintenance plan and I sleep better at night knowing my website is taken care of by a real professional. Not only was Marc incredibly efficient, knowledgeable, communicative, creative, and flexible, he's also a wonderful person to work with and I really value his work ethic. He helped me build my site from the ground up with every custom feature I wanted (and I didn't go bankrupt in the process)! If you're looking for the best person to help you with similar projects this year, stop your search immediately and just thank me later.
Stephan LautzenhiserMagitek

Marc sure came to the rescue after two costly and failed attempts to create a new website for my company, Magitek, LLC. He patiently listened and learned the full scope of our complex rehabilitation drive controls for powered wheelchairs. His talent resulted in a site that is people friendly, yet packed with the information necessary to present our products. Not an easy task to create a site that is understood by our special end users and Assistive Technology Professionals alike. Marc is extremely capable, efficient, and knowledgeable. His kind approach proved a perfect fit for us and I know you will have the same great experience. We are blessed to have found him.

Marc Hyde headshot

Hi! I'm Marc – Your South Bend Web Designer

I'm a proud South Bend native, and I love working with real people to accomplish real goals. Something that I pride myself in is that when you choose to work with me, you work with me. I become your personal guide and contact, with the hopes of helping you take your business, blog, school, church, personal brand, etc., to not just the next level, but to a place where you are proud of yourself and your business.
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My Web Design Process

Strategize & Plan

Discover the problems with the old website and create a plan to solve those problems.

Create an ideal customer avatar to describe your perfect customer.

Figure out what websites you like and don't like. Figure out what type of functionality you need and don't need.

Design For Results

Create wireframe and visual mockups of your website design so that you know exactly what your website will look like once live.

Create resources and other pieces that will aid in the website development process such as lead magnets.

Develop For Launch

Develop the website on a private server so that you don't need to worry about down time.

Set up needed integrations such as email capture, auto scheduler, and anything else required for us to reach your goals.

Maintain & Protect

Continually monitor for security threats and issues on the website to ensure minimal downtime and hacks.

Keep me in your corner to update, modify, or change the website.

Know and understand how well your website is performing.

Grow & Be Found

Work to get to the top of Google and other search engine results for key terms and search terms.

Grow your authority and visibility for local search optimization, no matter your home town.

Establish Your Authority and Credibility

Make sure that people have reason to remember your name by setting up a lead capturing and lead nurturing sequence.

Establish your authority as the industry leader for your field in your local area.

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Common Web Design Questions

What platform do you use to build your websites?

I build all of my websites within WordPress. WordPress powers more than 42% of the entire internet, which means the possibilities are endless.

Will a new web design help improve my visibility on Google and other search engines?

Google primarily looks for relevant and updated content on your website rather than focusing on design. When Google and other web crawlers analyze your website, they read the text and Alt Tags on your images. So, does Google really care about how your website looks? No.

However, users and visitors do care, and they care a lot. If someone lands on a poorly designed website, they are likely to leave immediately, resulting in a high bounce rate. Google does consider bounce rates when evaluating websites. A good web design serves both Google and visitors by providing great content in a well-organized design.

How much does a new web design cost?

The cost of a new web design varies based on factors such as the size of the website (number of pages), content creation needs, and the necessary implementation to serve your website's goals. In my web design studio, prices typically range between $3,500 and $10,000.

What are the differences between custom web design and template-based design?

Template-based design involves using a pre-existing design and filling in the content. Custom web design, on the other hand, focuses on your specific content and determines the best way to present it, building a website around that approach. Many agencies and freelancers use template-based designs for faster delivery, but I prioritize custom web design to ensure your website serves you and your business optimally.

How can I optimize my website's design for search engines (SEO)?

SEO is a separate job from web design, although good web design incorporates good SEO practices as a starting point. To optimize your website's design for SEO, focus on factors such as proper site structure, fast loading speed, mobile responsiveness, optimized images, relevant keywords, and user-friendly navigation.

Is working with a web designer the right move for me and my business?

Working with a web designer can have several benefits for you and your business, including freeing up your time, saving mental energy, ensuring excellent online practices, and allowing you to focus on what you do best for your business. Therefore, I would say, "YES!"

What is web design, and how is it different from web development?

Web design and web development go hand-in-hand. In technical terms, web design focuses on the visual components and layout of the website, while web development implements that design to create the functioning website. As a "front end developer," I handle both web design and web development on all my projects, providing the best value when choosing a web designer or agency for your website project.

Will I see immediate results from a redesigned website?

A website redesign brings both tangible and intangible results.

Tangible results:

  • Increased trust, likability, and credibility, leading to more potential leads.
  • Your website acts as a 24/7 salesperson, representing your company in the best way possible.
  • Google acknowledges website updates, signaling that your website is active.

Intangible results:

  • Excitement: You will feel a sense of excitement as it represents a fresh start online.
  • Confidence: You will feel confident that your website effectively tells your company's story, allowing you to confidently direct people to your website.
  • Pride: You can take pride in your beautifully designed website, reflecting your dedication and investment in your brand while serving as a digital showcase for your business.

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