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Your business isn’t cookie cutter; your website shouldn’t be either. Get a custom website to help your South Bend business get found and look good while doing it – all designed by a South Bend local.
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Website Design For Your Business - Right Here in South Bend

If you are here, that means that you are ready to talk about getting a new website for your business, school, church, or brand . . . but you aren't sure exactly what that all entails.

You will find that there are many website designers and developers here in South Bend, but what you will find is that are many, what we call, "pixel pushers" – people who take some basic text and images and try to make it look pretty.

But do you need just another pretty website, or do you need a strategic website that solves problems, gets leads, and grows your business?

It's time to have a website that serves your local South Bend business and makes sure that your online presences continues to grow in 2024!

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What Should You Look For In Your Next Website Designer?

Long story short, your business, brand, church, school, etc. needs a website . . . but you probably know this already. The challenge you now face is figuring out who you are going to work with when it's time to build out your website.

There are many web designers and web developers out there, but what should you look for in a website designer here in South Bend?

Proven track record of launching multiple websites that actually solve a problem for the business.

Great reviews from clients and customers.

Continued partnerships with clients to grow and manage the website.

Trusted by both large agencies and other businesses to manage their website builds.

Backed by the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and other entities.

South Bend Website Design at Notre Dame
Since 2011, I have worked for many marketing departments and non-for-profits including universities, churches, & marketing companies. If they can trust me, you can be sure that you can trust me, too!

Steps To Having a Website That Serves Your Business

To make sure you have a website that serves you and your company, certain steps have to be taken. Here's a proven method that make sure that your website is built right the first time.

Strategize and Plan

You can't know the roadmap until you know the destination. Through processing your systems, procedures, goals, and processes, we develop a plan and only then do we start building your new website and implementing the search engine optimization strategy.

Design Around The Strategy

I don't like using pre-made templates and designs and sliding your content into the blanks because your business isn't a templated business. Although this slows down your time window, it saves you money in the long run because your website is built correctly the first time.

Develop The Website

Not only do we design your website together, we launch it too! This includes the website set-up and any agreed upon integration requests, such as email marketing, Google analytics, CRM, etc.

Maintain And Protect

After your website is launched, you now need to ensure its protection and optimization. I continually monitor for security threats and issues on the website to ensure minimal downtime and hacks.

Plus, this lets me run your website while you run your business.

Grow And Be Found

We continually work to get to the top of Google and other search engine results for researched keywords and search terms. Grow your authority and visibility for local search optimization, no matter your home town.
Grow and Be Found in South Bend & All of Michiana

What are the results of a properly designed & developed website

You can have a website completed, but without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into your website, no one will find your website.

I build your website with SEO in the forefront, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Here are the benefits of having a website designed with SEO first:

Increased ranking on search engines – more people coming to the website!

Increased online authority – searching engines will trust your website more than your competitor's website!

Increased organic traffic — more opportunity to turn visitors into customers!

Clean and easy-to-naviate website – both search engines and your visitors will thank you for this, resulting in a more credible presence!

Success-driven Call to Actions – the faster people can take the right action on your website, the faster they contact you first!

Faster Website - people will leave your website if it's too slow and clunky!

Optimized for mobile platforms and devices - no matter how people access your website, they will respond well to your offerings and services!

Recent Testimonials

As I said above, you want to make sure you work with a website designer and developer who has great reviews – the last thing you want is a designer who talks the talk but has never walked the walk. 

Laura ChildsTried, Tested, and True
I hired Marc Hyde Creative to design and engineer my new website last year and it was the best decision ever. I'm now on his maintenance plan and I sleep better at night knowing my website is taken care of by a real professional. Not only was Marc incredibly efficient, knowledgeable, communicative, creative, and flexible, he's also a wonderful person to work with and I really value his work ethic. He helped me build my site from the ground up with every custom feature I wanted (and I didn't go bankrupt in the process)! If you're looking for the best person to help you with similar projects this year, stop your search immediately and just thank me later.
Stephan LautzenhiserMagitek

Marc sure came to the rescue after two costly and failed attempts to create a new website for my company, Magitek, LLC. He patiently listened and learned the full scope of our complex rehabilitation drive controls for powered wheelchairs. His talent resulted in a site that is people friendly, yet packed with the information necessary to present our products. Not an easy task to create a site that is understood by our special end users and Assistive Technology Professionals alike. Marc is extremely capable, efficient, and knowledgeable. His kind approach proved a perfect fit for us and I know you will have the same great experience. We are blessed to have found him.

South Bend Website Design Marc Hyde

Hi! I'm Marc – Your South Bend Website Designer

I'm a proud South Bend native (now living in Osceola), and I love working with real people to accomplish real goals. Something that I pride myself in is that when you choose to work with me, you work with me. I become your personal guide and contact, with the hopes of helping you take your business, blog, school, church, personal brand, etc., to not just the next level, but to a place where you are proud of yourself and your business.

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My Web Design Process

Strategize & Plan

Discover the problems with the old website and create a plan to solve those problems.

Create an ideal customer avatar to describe your perfect customer.

Figure out what websites you like and don't like. Figure out what type of functionality you need and don't need.

Design For Results

Create wireframe and visual mockups of your website design so that you know exactly what your website will look like once live.

Create resources and other pieces that will aid in the website development process such as lead magnets.

Develop For Launch

Develop the website on a private server so that you don't need to worry about down time.

Set up needed integrations such as email capture, auto scheduler, and anything else required for us to reach your goals.

Maintain & Protect

Continually monitor for security threats and issues on the website to ensure minimal downtime and hacks.

Keep me in your corner to update, modify, or change the website.

Know and understand how well your website is performing.

Grow & Be Found

Work to get to the top of Google and other search engine results for key terms and search terms.

Grow your authority and visibility for local search optimization, no matter your home town.

Establish Your Authority and Credibility

Make sure that people have reason to remember your name by setting up a lead capturing and lead nurturing sequence.

Establish your authority as the industry leader for your field in your local area.

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