The Best Way to Build Trust With Your Website Visitors in 2022


Author: Marc Hyde
Published: May 13, 2022
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As the internet continues to grow, the chances of you being found online by your target audience can begin to shrink. Many people shutter at this thought, but personally, I think we need to focus less on how to get people to your website and more on people’s experience when they come to your website! When people come to your website, are you build their trust and faith in you or are you leaving them with a terrible first impression?

There are many ways to build your website in such a waying to build visitor’s trust, but the single best way to build trust with your audience is to show your face as much as you can!

Here’s four reasons why showing your face is the best marketing strategy as you think and move through the rest of 2022:

Showing Your Face Shows People That You’re a Real Person, Just Like Them

When people are looking to do business with someone, they want to find someone just like them! If you’re a mom with 3 kids, a dog, and a hamster, people can relate to that!

Do you love Notre Dame football? Great! Many other people do, too! (some may not, but we’ll forgive them)

Are you a local business and enjoy hanging out at local spots? Your audience sure does, so why not connect with them in this way?

Rather than fight to have a level of invisibility on your website and let your business speak for itself, show up yourself on your website! Because if people see that you are a real person, just like them, they’ll connect with you and begin to trust you.

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Showing Your Face Creates an Emotional Connection to the Website Visitor

Speaking of connecting with people, did you know that pictures of yourself on your website also creates an emotional connection? When people see you and see that they share the same values as you, they begin to relate and connect with you . . . and ultimately, connect with your business.

And if you need stats to prove it, Zimmer Communications found that “64% of consumers say that shared values are the main reason that they have a trusted relationship with a brand.”

Showing Your Face Breathes Life Into Your Website

Not only do pictures of yourself on your website connect with your audience, but they also breathe life into a static, boring website.

Many websites have product images, cute vector graphics, and stock images to fill the voids on their website, so much so that people have come to expect this, but when you show up with your face and family all over your website, you are instantly separating yourself from every other website out there.

Rather than simply “go with the flow,” do something different and put images of yourself on your website in unique and fun ways!

Showing Your Face Builds Your Credibility and Authority

When you combine the first three points, you end up growing your credibility and authority, which will ultimately result in more business!

Then, when people have a great experience with you, they’ll tell others about you!

Then those customers will tell more people about you.

And on and on it goes.


As you think through your marketing strategy for the rest of 2022 and into 2023, you cannot neglect the finer parts of your website, such as its speed, design, layout, and search engine optimization. Before you spend all of your marketing budget on ways to bring people to your website, make sure that your website is ready to be found and browsed because if your website isn’t building trust in your audience, it will not matter how many people come to your website. You won’t be able to keep them engaged long enough to trust you.

If you’re ready to give your website a much needed overhaul, I would love to chat more with you about it!

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