The ROI Of A New Church Website


Author: Marc Hyde
Published: March 20, 2024
Read Time: 3 Minutes

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In the last couple years, I have had the opportunity to build many church websites. In the process of building these church websites, I have had many conversations with pastors and ministry leaders about the ROI of their new church website – especially when we start talking about the price of designing and developing a new website. 

In this article, I want to break down a few points that I often bring up in conversations, and in doing so, I hope you can see the ROI when you decide to work with me to build a new website, created specifically for your church.

And just as a fun way of walking through the ROIs, each point builds on the next!

1. A new church website provides a better first impression to those looking for a church

When a family or individual is looking for a new church, they often start with churches that either their friends attend or a church that they live near. They may go to social media or Google to look up the church, but they always land on the website – no matter where they start their search. When you have a website that is well-designed, answers their questions, helps them plan a visit, and introduces them to your church family, you have a much better shot at them attending your church.

2. A New Church Website Establishes your church as a legitimate church option

As people are searching for a church, they often find a few that they like or a few that they find interesting. If you want your church to be a legitimate option, you cannot settle for a website that looks like it’s from the previous century.

When someone looks for a church, they are wanting to see if they can find a place to be themselves, to grow, and to connect with folks. A great website is able to accomplish just that! With the correct photography, videos, and text, you can tell people exactly who your church is and how someone can find a home.

3. People are more likely to visit a church with a solid website

For example, I recently built a new church website for First Baptist Church of Mishawaka. After we launched the website, the associate pastor received a call from a family looking for a new church. They called because in their search for a church, they came across the old website before we launched the new website. Because the new website was so different and updated, they weren’t sure if it was the correct church. Because of the website, the family visited the next weekend.

4. The more people visit your church (because of your website), the more opportunities you have to introduce them to the Gospel.

This is the ultimate goal of the church – to reach people far from Christ and grow/equip those who call your church home. We are living in a digital era and culture, and with that fact, it goes without saying that the church should use media and technology to reach those in their community that are looking for answers. 

Now, a great custom church website is able to introduce people to Jesus before they step foot inside your doors, but it goes without question that the better your church website is designed, the more likely you’ll have people walk through your church doors.

5. The Money Question About Church Websites

So let’s get to the brass tax of this conversation. When someone hears quotes of anything more than a few thousand dollars, churches start to freak out about the price tag.

In case you’re curious, I have seen agencies quote church websites from $9,000-20,000 . . . just let that sink in for a minute.

But here’s how you can think about the money question in a few different ways:

  • A church will quickly build a building for half a million dollars to reach their community, but won’t spend the money on a website, live streaming, and proper social media to reach those who are already looking.
  • A church will quickly spend money on outreach events to connect with folks, but won’t spend money on continually following up with emails, texts, and other digital marketing sequences to keep the church top of mind.
  • A church (and its pastor) understands that more members means more tithe dollars to continue the work of the ministry. Although no one likes to admit this fact, it is indeed a fact.

So as a church, when you’re thinking of a new website and trying to justify a quote that seems high, just remember that there’s much more to a website than just a pretty design. A great website has a way to make a great first impression, introduce people to your church, and hopefully, change people’s lives.

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