What is a WordPress Website Maintenance Plan? (With Prices)


Author: Marc Hyde
Published: March 23, 2022
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WordPress is the #1 Platform for both business websites and blogs. That being said, hackers and crawlers target WordPress websites more than any other website platform.

Is your website ready to handle attacks, stay optimized for a great user experience, and ready for Google to rank it?

Having a WordPress Website Maintenance & Support plan through me helps to make sure that your website is constantly doing it’s job, and if your website starts to have trouble, it becomes my problem and not yours.

What do you get out of a WordPress Website Maintenance Plan?

When looking for a maintenance plan for your WordPress website or blog, you want to make sure that all of the follow areas are taken care of my your website designer and developer:

1. Website, Plugin, and Software Updates

Most hacks happen to WordPress blogs and websites because they have out of date plugins, software, and themes. The easiest way to prevent hacks is to make sure everything is updated! Although there are many myths about WordPress‘ security, most of the security issues that WordPress website deal with steam from outdated themes and plugins, not WordPress itself.

2. Backend Optimization

Did you know that every time you update a post or page, WordPress stores that information? Why? Pretty much no reason, but we do know is that it can slow down your website over time because web browsers still read all of that information, whether it’s relevant or not.

When you optimize your website, you can clean it clean and quick!

3. Monitoring Uptimes and Downtimes

The worse email or message you can ever receive from a potential customer is “your website is down.” When your website goes down, you lose hits and money! With a maintenance plan, your developer is able to track if your website goes down and for just how long! That way you can be sure that your website is working like it should!

Just as a heads up, a website can still go down even if you have someone watching your website 24/7. However, having someone monitor your website ensures that when it does happen, your website get back up and running as soon as humanly possible!

4. Defense Scanning for Malware and Viruses

Sometimes, viruses and malware can be sitting on your website, just waiting for a time to attack. When you are on a maintenance plan, your website gets routinely scanned for malware! That way, you can be sure that your website is protected and clean from web attacks on you and your website visitors.

Just a plug, if you use me for your maintenance plan, your website is scanned DAILY for any and all threats.

5. Off-site Backups of Your Website

So what happens if your website gets hacked? What happens if your website breaks when you update a plug-in? What happens if your theme is no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress? You need to make sure that you have backups of your website, ready to go at any time so that if the worse happens, you’re okay!

Now why off-site backups? Because if your backups are stored inside your own website and that gets hacked, your backups are also subject to hackers . . . and then you’re really in a pickle.

6. Real-Time Restoring of Broken Website

Then when your website breaks, how to you fix it? It can be PAINFUL to completely destroy your website and rebuild it from the ground up (in case you’re wondering, I’ve had to do that with websites of my own in the past). If your website is broken, being on a WordPress website maintenance plan makes sure that your website is ready to be restored and when requested or needed, you website can be quickly and effortlessly restored!

7. Monthly Reports to Track Progress

Google analytics are a pain to read. When you jump onto a WordPress Website Maintenance Plan with me, I send you monthly reports so that you can see EXACTLY how your website is performing online! No more needing to watch analytics. It’s all in one place in an easy to read format.

8. Ability to Receive Updates to Your Website by a Professional

What to change some things on your website but you don’t have the time, knowledge, energy, or bandwidth to do it? Having a maintenance plan for your WordPress blog or website ensures that you always have someone in your corner when it comes times for updates and changes! All it takes from you is a simple email and then you wait for it to happen! How nice is that?!?

Do you have a WordPress blog or a WordPress website for your business or church and want to have someone else maintain your website so that you never have to worry about it again? If not, I would love to sit down and chat with you! Truly! Feel free to use the contact form below to enquire about singing up for my WordPress Website Maintenance Plan, today!

9. Premier hosting with CDN, built in website & image optimization, and added security

There are many hosting plans out there, but why pay for a hosting plan when you can simply host your website with the same company that is maintaining and supporting your website?

When you host with me, your hosting plan includes a CDN (content delivery network) for faster load times, free next-gen image WebP image optimization, caching and front end website optimization, and extra security to keep hackers away!

Plus, you’ll be saving anywhere from $13-25 per month hosting elsewhere!

Learn more about the benefits of investing in a WordPress Maintenance Plan.

WordPress Maintenance Plan Prices

So you might be thinking, “this all sounds great, but, Marc, how much does this cost?” I have broken down my prices in a way that anyone can afford to be on my maintenance plan:


*plus setup


Premium Website Hosting*

Plugin auto update

Daily Backups

Monthly Security Sweeps

Uptime Monitoring

Monthly Stats and Reporting

1 Hour of request work and support (including phone & video calls)

Standard project fulfillment

Free Auto-Updating Privacy Policy



*plus setup


Everything in BASIC plus...

Premium+ Website Hosting*

Quarterly Strategy Calls

Priority project fulfillment

Daily Security Sweeps

2 Total Hours of request work and support (including phone & video calls)

Custom coding on your website to help your local business get found faster in search results (Schema Markup)

Get Plenty of marc



*plus setup


Everything in COMPLETE plus...

1 Blog post per month for SEO boost ($300 value)

Hourly Backups

5 Total Hours of request work and support (including phone & video calls)

Jump to the front of the line with project requests

Need hosting only and no maintenance? I can do that, too. Simply reach out with your needs, and I'll help you find a plan that best fits you.

How Does WordPress Maintenance and Support Plan Into Your Marketing Plan?

Your website is the center to your digital marketing strategy, and if your website isn’t performing as it should, it can cost you potential sales. Not only that, but if visitors are constantly bouncing off your website, Google will start to push your website further down in the search results, resulting in fewer people finding your website. Your business can’t afford to have a down website! Investing in a WordPress Maintenance & Support Plan ensures that your website is always ready to show up!

Ready to Sign Up For a Maintenance and Support Plan?

Your website is the central piece of your digital marketing. Let’s keep it up and running!

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