What is the Best Way to Build Trust and Credibility Online?


Author: Marc Hyde
Published: January 17, 2022
Read Time: 3 Minutes

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As the internet and social media continue to grow, the divide between the online business owner and visitor continues to grow as well!

There are more websites than ever before.

There are more e-commerce shops than ever before.

There are more social media accounts than ever before.

There are more “specialists” than ever before.

There are more people who do what you do than ever before.

Get the picture?

So in an ever-increasing, over-saturated market, what is one thing that you can do to stand out from the crowd and build trust and credibility for your business online?

The best way to build trust and credibility online is humanize your business and brand.

Humanizing Your Business and Brand

In recent years, businesses have been humanizing their businesses and brands because people connect with people, they don’t connect with products.

Apple focuses their commercials and their advertisements not around their products, but the life you can live with because of their products.

Starbucks doesn’t just focus on their coffee and drinks; they focus on how they help the farmers who grow the beans, how they help their employees go to college for free, and how they are giving back to the community.

Wendy’s has become famous for their twitter feed because it’s a real person having real fun on Wendy’s behalf.

Small businesses are using Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to connect with their online audience, and here’s the deal – it’s working!

If you want to stand out and build trust and credibility, you need to humanize your brand!

How Do You Humanize Your Business and Brand?

How do you humanize your business and brand? Here are a few ways that you can humanize your brand and business, all without dancing online.

  1. On your website, have an amazing about page where you show real pictures of you and your team, your businesses, and your history.
  2. On your website, use real pictures of real people using your products; don’t settling for computer generated mock-ups.
  3. On your website, collect and showcase reviews and testimonials to show trustworthiness and authority.
  4. On your social media, don’t just post products, post your people or your customers frequently.
  5. On your social media, use stories of you talking directly to your customer base and answering questions that they have about your business.
  6. If you have an email list, don’t always settle with automated email campaigns; once in a while, send a customer a real email from you, using your standard email provider like GMail or Outlook.

There are many ways to humanize your business and your brand, but if you want to see growth while building trust and credibility, humanizing your brand must be your goal in the coming year.

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