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WordPress isn’t your average website-building tool – it’s the gold standard. It offers more control and features than any other platform, letting you build whatever you want and need for your business. Use WordPress for your website and say goodbye to design and feature restrictions while building something that looks stunning.
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With WordPress, You Own Everything

Many businesses wonder whether WordPress is still a viable option. My answer is a resounding “Yes, it for sure is!”

Sure, you can find template builders out there, promising you the world. But they don’t give you the one thing that matters: Total, unfettered, unbridled ownership.

That’s why I still love using WordPress. No other service can come close in my view. With it, I can provide you with what you want, not what the template says you can have. As you begin to plan your website, you will come across many drag-and-drop website builders.

These services thrive on clients who want to test their ideas with cheap, accessible services, but if you want to build a website that is truly yours, WordPress is the best option. It gives you what you need to tell your brand story, and at the end of the day, you have full control over your website.

Why Is WordPress The Best Choice For Your New Website?

Most website design agencies, including my own, chose WordPress as their Content Management Software (CMS) of choice. Here are just a handful of reasons why I build all of my websites exclusively on WordPress:

Future-Proof Guarantee

WordPress has been around since 2003. Since then, it’s become the most popular website-building platform in the world. Even today, it is responsible for over 40 percent of all sites – way more than the closest competitor.

There’s a reason for this success: WordPress offers future-proofing built-in. With it, you don’t need to reimagine your website every few years to keep up with technology changes because WordPress is simply the land by which your website is built on!

Integrate Everything

WordPress is also an integration powerhouse. You can get it to do whatever you want, thanks to massive customizability and an enormous ecosystem of plugins. Exploring your options, you will notice the community has thought of pretty much everything.

Want to create an e-commerce site? WordPress can do that. Want to add a learning Management Software (LMS) and sell online courses? WordPress can hand that! Want to take online bookings? Guess what: WordPress can do that, too. WordPress can even run directories and give you pixel-perfect galleries to show off your business’s portfolio.

Non-Proprietary Software

WordPress is a non-proprietary environment that gives you access whenever needed. It eliminates gatekeepers and the risk of them changing the locks, preventing you from accessing your beautiful website.

This freedom can be dizzying, but once you understand it, you see WordPress’s benefits over other website builders first-hand. You escape vendor lock-in and can choose whatever backend you want. It’s entirely your decision. And because WordPress stands independently on your server, as long as your pay your hosting bill, your website will never go away.

Easier To Manage Than Hand Coded Websites

Once you set up your WordPress website, managing it is much simpler (although there is still a learning curve). The platform offers simple tools that let you or your team continue to service the site instead of paying a webmaster a full-time salary to keep your website rocking and rolling. It’s not quite set-and-forget, but it’s close!

Looking for someone to manage, support, and host your WordPress website? I have the perfect solution for you.


Pay For What You Need

WordPress is also cost-effective because platform itself is free. All you pay for is the plugins you need (many of which are also free to use), and you have to pay to host your WordPress website on a hosting server.

Granted, based on the needs of your website, you may have to pay for integrations and optimization tools, but you only pay for what you need. For example, if you only need a bike, why pay as if you're driving a high-end car? It just makes sense.

The Difference Between Working with A WordPress Website Specialist and Going On Your Own

Wordpress Website Design And Development On Your Own

On Your Own

You have to learn how themes, builders, plugins, and software work BEFORE you begin building your website

You have to sift through multiple YouTube to help you first set up your website

You have to figure out where to host your website and how to connect it to your domain name

You have to figure out how to keep it secured and protected

You have to ensure that your website is property optimized for all devices and internet connections

You have to figure out how to property set it up to be found online

You have to figure out how to troubleshoot the website if there's a problem

You have to find the time to do everything

Wordpress Website Design And Development With Marc Hyde Creative

With Me On Your Team

You get to provide direction on the goals for the website

You get a websites designed and developed specifically for you and your business

You get to focus on your business, not the website

You get a great website without spending time on just learning how WordPress works, let alone building out a complete website

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Finally Have A Website That Serves You

Of course, with greater freedom comes added complexity. WordPress has a steep learning curve that you can find intimidating.

Using WordPress, for instance, requires understanding plugins and how they integrate into the broader ecosystem. It also demands you organize your pages and even program some elements by hand.

No wonder people avoid it.

Fortunately, that’s where I come in. As your dedicated WordPress designer, I can build a site for your enterprise to help you dominate. With me, you can tell your story, create funnels, and make sales.

Show And Tell Your Story

I can help you design a website that tells your story. Whether you are a seasoned consultant, fitness professional, or a local store, I’ve helped countless small businesses and independent solopreneurs build a thriving online presence that delivers results. Get sales pipelines, landing pages, product pages, booking systems, and more. Remember, with WordPress, the limit is only your imagination.

Pixel Perfect Design & Execution

You'll hear me say often, "I'm not just a pixel pusher; I'm a teammate." I come along side your business to provide a great design and great execution of that design. Although I don't just push pixels around a screen, it's a part of the job in which I take great pride.

WordPress Expert On Your Side

I can help you unearth the full benefits of WordPress for your site, giving you something that meets your brief precisely. As part of my collaborative approach, we go back and forth until you are comprehensively satisfied with the results. No “ifs” and certainly no “buts.”

After your website is built, you also have the opportunity to have me continue to service your website! That way, you can ensure that it's always up and running, secured, and up to date. Plus, you never have to touch your website again. 

WordPress Website Design & Development Testimonials

You can’t hire a website designer without checking out their work, right? I’m proud to showcase my work and the things my amazing clients have to say about it! Check it out.

Water Time Trucks 2

Marc took our business website to the next level. We really wanted to showcase our products and services AND allow our customers to place orders online with minimal clicks. This has led to a dramatic increase in our online sales. And even better Marc is just a great guy to work with!

Jim Van Fleit

Water Time LLC
Kathy King

One of my biggest fears was the website and all the forms, updates, etc., we need daily. I have been shocked at how easy it is and how user-friendly you made it. I’ve been part of many websites builds and projects, but you are seriously the best.

Kathy King

Celebration Ministry Staffing

I hired Marc Hyde Creative to design and engineer my new website last year and it was the best decision ever. I'm now on his maintenance plan and I sleep better at night knowing my website is taken care of by a real professional. Not only was Marc incredibly efficient, knowledgeable, communicative, creative, and flexible, he's also a wonderful person to work with and I really value his work ethic. He helped me build my site from the ground up with every custom feature I wanted (and I didn't go bankrupt in the process)! If you're looking for the best person to help you with similar projects this year, stop your search immediately and just thank me later.

Lisa Childs

Tried, Tested, & True
Laura Tuttle
Marc is incredible to work with! I needed him to build me a website from scratch and he took the reins and created a beautiful, easy to navigate website that I am so proud of! He is so easy to work with, personable and quick to answer questions. I highly recommend his services.

Laura Tuttle

Laura Lives the Good Life
Magitek Logo
Marc sure came to the rescue after two costly and failed attempts to create a new website for my company, Magitek, LLC. He patiently listened and learned the full scope of our complex rehabilitation drive controls for powered wheelchairs. His talent resulted in a site that is people friendly, yet packed with the information necessary to present our products. Not an easy task to create a site that is understood by our special end users and Assistive Technology Professionals alike. Marc is extremely capable, efficient, and knowledgeable. His kind approach proved a perfect fit for us and I know you will have the same great experience. We are blessed to have found him.

Stephan Lautzenhiser

Magitek LLC
South Bend Web Designer

Hi! I'm Marc; Your Friendly WordPress Website Designer & Developer!

I'm a proud South Bend native (although I now live the next town over of Osceola), and love working with real people to accomplish real goals. I pride myself in responsive customer service. When you choose to work with me, you work directly with me. I become your personal guide and contact to help you take your website and digital presence not just to the next level, but a place where you are proud of yourself and your work.

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There's nothing new under the sun – which should be a word of encouragement! Here are several recent website design, strategy, and branding projects that I completed for other businesses, blogs, schools, churches, personal brands, and organizations that needed more than a DIY website . . . just like you!

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